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Bubbles Table Lamp, Modern

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Sea Bubbles Table Lamp, Modern Style....Simply fabulous! Definately a WOW FACTOR!

Sea Bubbles is a decorative object born from the traditional technique of glass fusion: the ancient Venetian skill is today reinterpreted by modern technology in order to develop a new concept of use for Murano glass. The shape of Le Vele looks like a sail and its colors, from blue to transparent, are inspired by the sea. The decorations in the glass recall the algae of a mysterious ocean floor. The colors and the Venetian murrine, come together in the vitreous paste creating harmonious, fun and elegant figures. The small bubbles of air included in the glass meet the LED technology creating an atmosphere softly lighted and powerfully moving. The peculiarity of each Venistile's artwork is the result of an expert artistic work that makes any object a unique and unrepeatable creation.

Technical Information

Sculpture made of Murano glass realized by traditional Venetian glass fusion technique. Sculpture illuminated by LED technology. The object is supported by a metal base in which is positioned a strip of LEDs. Metal base available in three different finishes. LEDs features: 120 LEDs x linear meter. Voltage: 120 Volts. Cold light. The colors and finishes shown are purely indicative and they may vary from the reality. Any variations in color, dimensions a/o the presence of little inclusions or air bubbles in glass are considered quality features and a mark of genuine authenticity. For custom options, please contact our Customer Service Team.

SIZE: 11.81" x 4.92" x 12.99"H


A Steel, Black Varnished

B Steel, Silver Varnished

C Steel, White Varnished

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