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1950s Arm Chair

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1950s Arm Chair

This 1950s armchair structure is based on a hexagonal form, and the design does not start with the contours and outline, but with the details: multiplying itself exponentially, the hexagon gives life to the form. This process is repeated also in production: the edging or decoration is available in white gold, bleached wood and mahogany, and has been created afterwards in order to follow the form perfectly. The rigid forms of the hexagon are softened by the quilted padding in a mix of wool offered in light grey, dark grey and aubergine versions which enrich the curved lines of the piece and give it a greater sense of depth.

Matching sofa available too

Frame Finish:Solid wood, Cat. 3, Shiny Mahogany

Upholstery: Fabric, Cat. 08, Grey

- Imported

- Shipping 8 - 10 weeks

- Custom orders available on this piece on fabrics and finish

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